Rookie Season is an experiment. The relationship between Sanders Bohlke and Brad Odum even started as an experiment. Bohlke had only met Odum once. He knew Odum played drums, but nothing else. Odum wanted a shot at playing with Bohlke, so he obliged. Bohlke had a solo show coming up, and invited Odum to come down and play. Bohlke didn’t put together a band, and didn’t schedule a lot of time to rehearse. It was just the two of them, and they rehearsed once on the day of the show. The show was sold out. They did’t have an opener. The two took the stage and Odum killed it. The bond was formed. 

They spent the next several years playing shows and making albums, but it was always Odum playing drums for Bohlke. The next experiment came when they decided to try something new. They decided to write together. On a whim they set up a session, both fully aware of what a disaster this could have been. But, just like before, it worked. Rookie Season was formed. It was a culmination of their love for R&B and basketball and design and Nike. They started to scheme. They started designing apparel. They started conceptualizing a magazine, all while in the studio recording what became THE COLLIDE, their debut album. 

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