Shoddy Blacktooth is a songwriter, specializing in songs about life, death, alcohol, drugs, love, New Jersey, Virginia, the Universe, God, nothingness, and several other fun topics. His forthcoming solo debut album made both his mom and wife cry, and those were just the rough mixes.

You may remember Shoddy’s music from such films as The Parking Lot Movie or Groove, but you probably only remember his music from The Parking Lot Movie, because Groove--an independent feature film--isn’t coming out until fall 2016. Shoddy also wrote several songs on the critically-acclaimed self-titled 6 Day Bender album.

Shoddy’s music has received several rave reviews. The guy who co-wrote Bon Jovi’s hit song “Shot Through The Heart” called Shoddy’s music “not bad,” and a guy who heard Shoddy busking in a NYC subway station said that Shoddy’s songs were “aight.” YouTube commenter Kittenskull had this to say about one of Shoddy’s songs: “I would seriously marry this dude, my heart is meeeelting.” (Shoddy appreciates that comment, but is already married to his favorite gal.) And Charlottesville’s now defunct weekly news magazine The Hook called Shoddy’s old band 6 Day Bender “the next big band from Charlottesville.” Boy, were they wrong!

Shoddy’s dream is to go on tour opening for Todd Snider, so if you happen to know Todd Snider, please put in a good word.