At the core, Sleepwalkers are a band of brothers from Richmond, Virginia. As with any pair of brothers, there’s always a mythology.

In other bands with other names, Michael and Austin York wrote and performed songs years ahead of their chronological age. The band broke up and the brothers locked themselves in a studio every night for god knows how long. In 2014, with the help on newly added band member/ studio engineer extraordinaire, Alex Dejong, they reemerged with Greenwood Shade: a perfect-sounding album that makes you feel like Todd Rundgren should have toured with Whitney Houston.

Like Romulus and Remus, they were raised by wolves. Like Orville and Wilbur Wright, they’re self-taught. Like Ray and Dave Davies, they write incredibly expansive pop songs that comfortably straddle a half-dozen genres.

Sleepwalkers are very Fleetwood in every sense of the word: the songs are airtight and delicately arranged like Tusk and they glide past you with the velour and confidence of a four thousand-pound Cadillac. All of it feels painstakingly luxe and timeless, but not all sentimental. It’s also fun as hell.


"New FAV LP - Greenwood Shade - Sleepwalkers. They should be the biggest band right now." - Ryan Adams 

"They're probably my favorite band right now"

- J Roddy Walston

“ Greenwood Shade is an album that plays out much like those rare times when the radio plays all your favorite songs back to back.”

- The Wild Honey Pie

“The production is richer than chocolate cake, with a miles-deep rhythm section, creamy piano, and airtight, passionate harmonies.” - Charleston City Paper

“Combines the sarcasm of Vampire Weekend with the more accessibly baroque style of the mid-career Beatles, and occasionally leaning towards the atmospheric a-la-Real Estate. It’s instantly catchy and carefully produced.”

- 9:30 Club

“Ephemeral, dream-like sonic qualities contain respectful nods to the sixties and seventies while adding a contemporary spin that doesn’t feel out of place.”

- RVA Magazine