Sanders Bohlke might be ready to break out. As a favorite of top tastemaker music supervisors, Sanders' music frequently turns up in some of the most dramatic scenes in television and film leading to fans worldwide. His current projects include collaborators like the Dirty Projector’s Olga Bell, an Electro-Soul side project called SVIBES with German EDM producer Chris Deluca (Wu Tang Clan, Bjork), and an R&B side project, Rookie Season, that recently made it to #8 on Spotify’s global viral chart. His latest single “Never Wake” was mixed by Darrell Thorp (Thom Yorke, Jay-Z) and showcases Sanders’ unparalleled vocal prowess and ear for emotional hooks.

"Bohlke has created beautiful visual imagery with his words and music, allowing the listener to get a sense of what he was feeling that winter in the mountains as the days got shorter and the nights got darker."

− Performer Magazine